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Revitalize Your Life - a book on how to get the most out of life, combining science, spirituality & practicality; Pilates & Yoga based fitness DVDs, including best-selling Foam Roller workouts; Instructor Training on location; Personal Retreats in the sun; Nutrition for a healthy mind-body ... and more.

Join us in our passion to achieve greater well-being through mind-body-spirit balance.

Chris & Michaela, co-founders of this site, have condensed their 40+ years of research, knowledge, personal experience and professional expertise in the fields of psychology, psychospirituality, fitness, nutrition, whole foods and more, to bring you the best of the best in the products available at LivingMost.com.

Our products have been inspired from our own quest for physical, mental and spiritual harmony.  From both our personal search and decades of experience helping others, we have assembled the best knowledge and practical tools to help you dramatically improve your overall health and well-being.

We deliver this information with compassion, respect and integrity. Allow us to guide you on how to stimulate your body’s incredible intelligence to heal and revitalize itself !

Save time and money in your search for wellness by getting the answers that you need, right here and now.

aboutus_MichaelaMichaela Sirbu
Michaela Sirbu is a university educated, certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, who has helped clients transform their bodies and enhance their joy of living since 1998.

Michaela's approach to coaching combines physical, cognitive, emotional and practical aspects related to a person's desired fitness, weight and well-being goals. She is delighted to share her extensive training experience, knowledge of the body and teaching skills through her DVD selection on BE FIT.

She studied the original Pilates Method at the studio that Joseph Pilates founded in New York City, NY.  There she developed the knowledge base and technical skill to build core muscle strength and the long, lean lines envied by many, known as the "Pilates Body".  Michaela looks forward to guiding you to transform your own body with her videos, group classes and one-to-one consultations - now also available Live on Skype.  Step-by-step, she will teach instructors and clients alike how to achieve a rock hard core and strengthen the supportive musculature that you didn't even know you have! Michaela received her certification in Sivananda Yoga in Montreal, Quebec.

Michaela's interest in philosophy and metaphysics started early in life, as she sought answers to questions such as "Why am I here?" and "What's beyond the physical body and life as it appears to be?".  Her quest for knowledge has lead to dedicated self-study and to coaching with some of the greatest minds of our times.  She came to understand how important it is to engage one's full resources: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, to create "the impossible" goals and dreams in life.  Her workshop "Weight Management through Balanced Meals" is an example of such integration. 

Michaela admits to an obsession for healthy and tasty food which began with grandma's healthy, delicious meals in her childhood.  She believes that proper nutrition is a prerequisite for a lifetime of good health, including physical well-being, boundless energy, the desire and ability to exercise, to keep the mind clear and alert and the emotions in check.  She is excited to share her extensive knowledge of nutrition and original recipes to Superfuel Your Body in her cooking classes, her recipess and on our BE WELL Blog!


aboutus_Chris2Dr. Christine Rattenbury

Dr. Christine Rattenbury is a psychologist in Ontario, Canada with over 25 years of experience treating adults for a wide range of concerns across the clinical, health and rehabilitative fields of psychology.

Dr. Rattenbury believes that all aspects of a person—the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—are inextricably linked.  Good health in each of these four domains is crucial to well-being and an individual's overall experience of joyful living.  While conventional psychotherapy intervention addresses mental and emotional factors, the potential for benefit is limited by the noted absence of an existential perspective of life.  The way individuals view and address existential concerns, such as the meaning and purpose of their lives, has profound implications for their mental and physical well-being.  For maximum happiness and health, healing needs to be facilitated at every level, including one's outlook on life.  Where the mind and spirit go, the body will follow.

Dr. Chris Rattenbury goes beyond convention by incorporating the wisdom that a "Big Picture" point of view can bring to the science of psychology.  Her unique head-and-heart approach to well-being produces a quantum advance in the effective potential of psychotherapy to elicit positive change.  She invites you to see the light an existential perspective can shine on your endeavors to promote your overall wellness and "joie de vivre".