Workshops: Pilates, Foam Roller, Yoga

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read this information!

At your invitation, I would love to offer a 2-3 hour workshop at your training facility to share my 17 years experience in Pilates, Foam Roller, Yoga with your clients or workout companions.

I walk participants through the basics of a safe, fun and rewarding Pilates Mat, Foam Roller or Yoga routine by teaching them "how to" properly and efficiently train and integrate their core muscles. Every participant is encouraged to bring LOTS of questions on problems and concerns encountered in their practice so we can tackle them all.

Clients and owners of training facilities, Yoga and Pilates Studios, please Contact me to schedule a date and time. Thank you!

Meanwhile, to everyone who engages in physical activity, please keep these 3 basics in mind:

1. TIME OF DAY and FREQUENCY are personal in nature; know yourself, know the time you feel strongest; do your best and be safe

2. PROPER EQUIPMENT for your level and needs, eg. start with a foam roller suitable for beinners if you are a beginner at rolling; otherwise you will find it extremely painful and won't continue

3. CLEAR GUIDANCE is of absolute importance to prevent getting injured and seeing quick results.

Please Contact me anytime with your questions. I'm most happy to help!