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Revitalize Your Life

Searching for meaning in life and the secrets to health, happiness and success?  Wondering why your efforts to improve your quality of life are ineffective or short-lived?  Dr. Christine Rattenbury brings you all the answers in her book, Revitalize Your Life:  A Mind-Body-Spirit Makeover, your how-to on getting the most out of life.

Revitalize Your Life: A Mind-Body-Spirit Makeover

Dr. Rattenbury illuminates the new science and ancient wisdom you need to raise your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.  Why raise your energy?  Because as tri-part beings--mind, body and spirit--we manifest life experiences that resonate with our energy vibration.  If you are to feel happy, be healthy and manifest your dreams, your mind, body and spirit must function as one harmonious vibration of high, loving energy

This book is unlike anything you have ever read!

Christine reminds us of what the sages of the old world knew—we are the whole of it—mind, body and soul. And a return to wholeness is where we find happiness.  The energy of life flows from consciousness (the spirit or soul), to thought (the mind), to material reality (the body).  If you focus on well-being in any one aspect of yourself without giving equal attention to the well-being of the other aspects of yourself, something will always elude you, be it happiness, health, self-esteem or fulfillment.  From this book you will get the know-how you need to achieve this harmonious, dynamic balance between all aspects of you.  Find out how to return to wholeness where you will find happiness.

Revitalize Your Life: A Mind-Body-Spirit Makeover


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As you follow this step-by-step guide to balance and elevate the life force within, your most perplexing questions about life will be answered.  You will know what to do whenever you feel overwhelmed, stuck, anxious or depressed.  Your life journey will make sense and your path to your dreams will become clear.  

Who else wants to:

  • Release unconscious belief systems that are not serving you
  • Resolve stuck emotional patterns that are undermining your close relationships
  • Learn how to strengthen your self-esteem.  Strong self-esteem nourishes your body as surely as the food you eat
  • Learn how to quiet your mind's fears and cope better with anxieties on this planet of duality
  • Learn how to change your thinking in order to stimulate your body's natural ability to heal--for where your mind goes, your body will follow 
  • Tap into the healing powers of higher consciousness and meditation
  • Find meaning and purpose in life.  Put more meaning into your work or find new work that holds more meaning for you 
  • Evolve your innate power to achieve your true potential
  • Have more fun, energy & zest for life than you've ever had!


This is the book you've been waiting for!

Don't waste another moment of your precious life wondering what it's all about and how to have a better one.   Join Christine now to start your mind-body-spirit makeover and fall in love with life again!