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In terms of food and nutrition, I've always believed the old adage: "You are what you eat." Every single one of the billions of cells in our bodies, including the brain, muscles, organs and bones, either thrives or barely survives based on the food that we ingest. To prepare your food in the healthiest possible way means to optimize the quantities as well as to balance the 3 food groups on your plate: the Protein, Carbohydrates, good Fat (PCF).

A balance of healthy Protein, Carbohydrates and good Fat (PCF)  is the key to nourishing your body and brain. How you prepare your foods is another factor in your overall health. Michaela's cooking and nutrition classes - Power Breakfasts and Balanced Dinners- provide a hands-on, fun and friendly environment  for learning and creating meals that nourish, sustain, and energize you even during the most hectic days.Time saving tips and tricks as well as places to shop for the least expensive supplies are covered.  Organize a class today, at your office or for your group of friends !

To read about the benefits of balanced nutrition, I invite you to download for FREE the document below - KNOW YOUR FOODS AND HOW THEY SUPPORT YOU - a summary of how the 3 food groups can serve your health.  You can also book Michaela to give a  2 hour workshop or presentation on this topic at any health related conference held at your workplace.  Here is what past participants have said about the session:

۰ "Very informative workshop! You gave me a lot of food for thought. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge."
۰ "This was fantastic! Michaela has loads of fantastic information given in easy to understand metaphors. Very practical and motivating."
۰"Very knowledgeable speaker - with good practical ideas - and a great evening! Thank you!".

The Relief of Your Meal Plate


This illustration is a most valuable addition to every kitchen ! Is it a handy reference chart that you can use as a guide to create nourishing, balanced meals for optimal, individualized nutrition. Guided only by your eyes and the palm of your hand, you can quickly determine how much food you need for a main meal or a snack to gain maximum energy & long-burning fuel.

Place the chart on the back of your cupboard door and reference it for meal planning and grocery shopping. Teach your children how to use it, too, so they can get started early on the path to good health and wellness.

The chart is available as an electronic download Read More



or you can request a copy by mail. Read More



Know Your Foods and How They Support You


This .pdf document available as a FREE electronic download provides a summary of how the 3 food groups, Protein, Carbohydrates and healthy Fat (PCF) can be combined to best serve your health.  Learn about the positive outcomes of including good fat in your diet, and how the lack of fat, or less healthy fats can impact the health of your cells and your well-being.

Discover what happens when you don't eat enough protein, or when you eat too many carbs, especially high-sugar carbs.  Loaded with valuable information that is clearly explained, easy to follow and understand, this document is available to you to download to your own computer or to print at home.  Read More