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Create a Lifetime of Good Health in a Youthful, Ageless Body !
With Michaela's videos, you will feel like the instructor is right in your living room. 

Browse through the titles below or SHOP for ... Better Posture, About Balance, a Pilates set for beginners, Toned Arms, Buttocks and Thighs, a Back Care Package, our best sellers  – The Foam Roller DVD series.  Happy Shopping! and please take a moment to visit our REVITALIZE and EAT WELL pages, as well.

Hi! I'm Michaela Sirbu, instructor and teacher trainer, Certified in Pilates at the original studio in New York City and in Sivananda Yoga at the Montreal ashram, Canada.

My Personal Story and Philosophy
Since 1998 I have coached clients from all walks of life
, from rehab level to Olympic athletes, in person, on DVD, on Skype. My approach combines physical, cognitive and emotional aspects related to a person's desired fitness, weight and well-being goals.

Some of my observations: anyone can reshape, tone, energize their body with enjoyable exercise and commitment to eating well; it's also worth investigating the emotional component of losing weight and keeping it off; gaining awareness of individual muscle groups and the body’s subtle energy results in increased levels of body control and greater enjoyment of all your sports and activities; identifying the connection between aches and pains, emotions and the spiritual aspect of physical imbalance, leads to a better understanding of an issue and accelerates both physical and emotional healing.

I personally began taking Pilates at 35 in hopes to conquer crippling back pain. Always slim but weak, my body felt like a “lump”. A stressful career in Air Traffic Services and running a small business on the side had triggered enough tension and pain to awaken me to the need for healing, and improved quality of life. Although I hadn’t seen a gym since high school, when I obtained my Pilates Instructor certificate in New York after a year and a half of intense training, I also had a new body. My motto became ... “if I could do it, anyone can!” Yoga has taken my level of flexibility and body awareness to a higher level still – now I’m happy to share with future instructors and clients alike my passion for keeping fit and aging well through courses and my fitness DVDs.

A Favourite Success Story
is one of a man's who’s life I followed because he became my friend.  15 years after he started training with me Warren laughs when he reminds me of his transformation: from “back pain sufferer” to being “exercise obsessed”.  He can’t believe that it took him 6 months to psyche himself up to walk through my studio’s door. At the time he was overwhelmed both by physical pain and the emotional burden of a possible abrupt end to his career. He feels younger, stronger and more alive than ever, at 61, but hasn’t forgotten the baby steps in the beginning: how I gingerly held his legs through the first stretches to empower and assure him that moving won’t trigger excruciating pain.

I'd Love to Hear Your Success Story

Like me, I’m sure that you have your own story and motivation to start a mindful exercise program or to add to an existing one. I’d be happy to assist you to choose the DVDs that best match your current goals. Please send me an email through LivingMost.com if you'd like some help. 

Why are my DVDs (below) ideal for working out at home?

  • Because each movement is explained in detail, clearly, simply, and well, so you can learn proper technique.
  • The "why" of each maneouvre is also given to help you memorize the moves.
  • Reminders are offered at every step so you can progress safely and avoid injury.
  • Suggestions are made for self correction and to avoid learning bad habits.
  • Pointers are offered on how to measure your achieved strength so that you safely progress to stronger moves.
  • Clients always comment of my soothing, calming voice, hopefully an incentive to keep on training with the videos.
  • The friendly and pleasant "home set", my "presence" and sense of humour will add to the feeling of having the instructor right in your living room!

Is it Worth the Effort?  Hopefully my 50's year old trim, toned body will inspire you to say "YES!"

Among the benefits you can expect: ease of movement, a trimmer waist lineoverall toning, a strong back, arms, legs and buttocks, better balance and posture, more flexibility, and symmetrical alignment. Even simple, everyday tasks like walking the dog and gardening will become more enjoyable and require less effort. And you will turn heads walking into a room, no matter what you wear. Experts confirm:

“Many types of people, at many levels of fitness, who have begun doing Pilates exercises say they've seen improvements in range of motion, flexibility, circulation, posture, and abdominal strength -- and decreases in back, neck and joint pain.”       B. Russi Sarnataro, reviewed by B. Nazario, MD.

Can Everyone See Results with Michaela's Fitness DVDs?

Even if you have been inactive for a while, you will be able to ease into a comfortable exercise regimen with my DVDs. You’ll notice improvements in a matter of days and find yourself looking and feeling better than ever. These are some testimonials from buyers:

"Michaela has a unique gift for communicating proper technique. Give yourself the gift of her experience and expertise in the privacy of your own home!"

"I love the fact that each exercise is very detailed, and she's so focused on the viewer's understanding of the manoeuvre.  She didn't just spit out a DVD to make money."

"I love how she explains each move and describes which part of the body it is targeting."

I really like my DVD because things are explained so very simply.  More than that, Michaela gives me the why of each manoeuvre. Her demeanour is pleasant and assuring; she smiles and giggles from time to time, which makes me, the viewer, feel she's human; she gives me an "out", i.e. do what you can, don't strain, build toward maximum achievement."

"The DVD is very pretty and professionally done; the chapters are beautifully laid out."

"I am quite a testimonial of a person who has serious arthritis throughout all my joints and how Pilates has changed my life! I was approved for 2 knee replacements 5 years ago as I had to walk with a cane. I decided then that I was going to take charge of my own life and start excercising  and strengthen my muscles around my joints! I am living a great life and I cannot thank you enough! I am a strong, changed woman of 61 because of the way you instruct Pilates Mat."

"Thanks again for the great (Skype) classes! My body thanks you.  Yoga ties in perfectly with my spiritual quest for inner silence and "enlightenment".  Automatically my needs are filled."

"Last night I went to a party and for the first time in memory, I stood around talking for 2 hours without pain in my lower back and I had no pain when I woke up in the morning.  This was nothing short of a miracle and I entirely owe my pain-free experience to pilates classes taught by Michaela that I have been attending twice a week for the past 10 months.  I am 57 years old and although I have been taking yoga and walking for at least 5 years, I always experienced pain when standing for any length of time - until now.  With her excellent instruction, I strengthened my abs and learned how to stand correctly.  Pilates works for me and I can't thank Michaela enough!" 

Foam Roller Stretches & Core Muscle Exercises Runners & Cyclists


Run and cycle to the finish line injury free!

This DVD is specifically designed for runners and cyclists to help them perform better and prevent common injuries, however, everyone will gain tremendous benefits from learning and using the exercises, regardless of their sport or athletic pursuit. 

The inexpensive foam roller is an excellent means to get and keep fit, achieve strong and supple muscles, improve endurance and range of motion and benefit from a free deep tissue massage when you really need it. Read More



The Foam Roller, CORE POWER - 10-MINUTE Performance

L-10 Min FR-Core
No Time To Exercise?  Think 10 Minutes!

Recent studies show that you can improve your health with short bouts of activity similarly to sweating through longer workouts when you log about 150 minutes/week. 10 minutes quickly add up as you clean your home, rake the yard, walk the dog, and develop exceptional abdominal strength with this DVD. Read More



The Foam Roller - STRETCH, Massage & Energize


This is a comprehensive stretch and massage routine that precisely targets both inner and outer muscles.  It is carefully guided and gentle paced; variations are offered so that everyone, at any level of fitness and flexibility can follow it and get results. Some benefits you can expect: improved circulation & blood oxygenation; healing of sore, injured, “knotted” tissue by increasing blood flow to the area; freed up joints & ligaments once the pressure exerted by surrounding tensed or compressed muscle is released; improved mobility & spinal alignment. Follow the whole sequence or stretch one muscle group at a time.  Read More



The Foam Roller

L_Foam This DVD guides you through a rejuvenating workout that offers a number of benefits brought on by proper core strength and deep muscle massage. The foam roller is inexpensive, easy to store, and takes the place of large, bulky exercise equipment. You can even use it to give yourself a nice, relaxing, full back massage. In just minutes a day, you’ll strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders and abs. The thigh and hip stretches will add to your flexibility and comfort when sitting at your computer for long hours. Read More



The Foam Roller (Spanish Edition)



Este DVD te guiará a través de un entrenamiento rejuvenecedor y un masaje muscular profundo que te ofrecerán una serie de BENEFICIOS: 

* Tonificación general y más flexibilidad
* Fuerza abdominal excepcional 
* Mejor circulación de los fluidos corporales
* Mejor digestión y desintoxicación corporal
* Los muslos y las caderas flexibles para sentarse más cómodo en la computadora durante muchos horas
* Los corredores y ciclistas amarán los estiramientos de los muslos externos (Cinta Iliotibial) que hacen el correr más seguro en las rodillas y espalda
* ¡ Sí, ayuda a disminuir la celulitis tambien !
Read More 



The Foam Roller - Intermediate


Results oriented and freshly invigorating, Michaela Sirbu’s Intermediate Foam Roller workout is the perfect new challenge for Foam Roller enthusiasts.

Follow Michaela’s clear instructions on this DVD to activate core muscles; lengthen and strengthen your back; tone your arms, buttocks, hips and thighs; and boost your energy level.

Portable and easy to store, the Foam Roller is a versatile accessory to achieve better balance, core integrity, control and ease of movement through the muscles in your core. Enjoy a deep massage ... Read More



The Foam Roller - Advanced


Intermediate Foam Roller enthusiasts take note of a worthy challenge in this Advanced Foam Roller DVD!

With her delightful sense of humour and concise, clear instructions, Michaela Sirbu guides you through an engaging, flowing and intense routine that will awaken muscles you may have forgotten you have. Read More



The Foam Roller - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced - 2 DVD Collection


Raise your level of fitness and your confidence with your overall appearance with only a mat and a foam roller!

The foam roller is an inexpensive tool that can help spice up your mat workouts with great benefits: a heavenly free massage for your back, hips and thighs; improved posture; Read More



Pilates on the Go


A busy lifestyle does not mean you have to wait to get home or to the gym to enjoy the positive benefits of daily exercise. These simple Pilates exercises can be done sitting, standing, lying down or even driving. You’ll be amazed how our Pilates on the Go “mini-exercises” will improve your strength, mobility, body alignment, posture, and flexibility.  Read More



Principles & Basics

L_PandBasics To get the full benefit of all that a Pilates workout has to offer, including an improvement in your overall health and well-being, it's important to thoroughly understand the basics of the transformative Pilates exercises. This Pilates video focuses on the building blocks of proper form and function, which is an excellent first step in understanding not only how to properly perform the exercises, but also why they are so beneficial.  Read More



Beginner Pilates - In Detail + 2 Progressive Workout Sequences

L_BeginnerP Our Beginner Pilates – in Detail and 2 Progressive Workout Sequences double DVD set contains a detailed breakdown, explanation and re-integration of each of the 7 Beginner Level Exercises, as originally designed by Joseph H. Pilates.These basic Pilates exercises are your first steps in achieving the wonderful benefits from practicing Pilates such as toned, trim, shapely muscles, a strong core and a a flat stomach.  You will also re-balance your body and build a foundation of strength and ability for any other kind of exercise or sport that you enjoy.  Read More



Morning & Bedtime Stretches


The gentle stretches based on Pilates and Yoga exercises explained on this DVD will help to ease those little aches and pains and reduce the stiffness you may feel upon rising.  A great morning workout routine will slowly and carefully prepare you for the day’s activities.  Once you learn how to perform these exercises properly, you can continue with the condensed morning sequence which takes about 10 minutes to do that will leave you feeling 10 times better.  These sequences include gentle stretching for the back, hips, neck and shoulders and proper leg stretch techniques.  The bedtime sequence will induce your body and mind to relax thus helping you fall asleep quickly and improve the quality of your sleep.  Read More



Toned Arms, Buttocks and Thighs


It’s no secret — how we look in clothes is important to us all. This video will teach you how to convert muscle awareness into strong, slim lines and desired shapes by using specific toning exercises. You can make visible and permanent improvements to your arms, buttocks, thighs and abdomen without expensive equipment or a gym membership and have everyone wondering why you look so great!  Read More



Better Posture


Good posture is very important both physically and psychologically. Keeping your body in proper alignment and balance using core exercises not only decreases joint pain and prevents arthritis, it allows your muscle groups to function as they were intended so you can work and play with minimum effort. Read More



About Balance


Did you know that the second most common cause of accidental death in the world is falling? Studies show that the risk of falling increases exponentially with age as muscle strength diminishes and balance control decreases. Our balance exercises and core training will help you avoid any mishaps. Your balance can be improved in as little as one month with these easy exercises and guided movements. Read More



Beginner Pilates Collection


What a great way to begin experiencing the many, wonderful benefits of practicing Pilates !

Enjoy the results and the savings when you invest in this 4 DVD set comprised of: Pilates on the Go, Principles & Basics of Pilates, Beginner Pilates - in Detail plus 2 Progressive Workout Sequences.

Buy all 4 DVDs at 20% off.  Read More



Your Back Care Package


If you've ever experienced back related problems you know they are no fun !

This 4 DVD set can help you progressibly stretch and strenghten your core muscles and give you the mid-section support and stability necessary to prevent back tension and pain.

Read more above about the benefits of working with the individual videos included in this set: Pilates on the Go, Morning & Bedtime Stretches, Beginner Pilates in Detail - plus 2 Progressive Workout Sequences.


Buy all 4 DVDs at 20% off.  Read More



Tone & Energize Package


In only minutes a day, without getting bored with the same old routine, you can get a whole new body !

Tone your arm, chest and shoulder muscles without bulking up with Toned Arms, Buttocks & Thighs.  Look beautiful in your clothes, walk with confidence and poise with Better Posture.  Get a deep self-massage for your back and thighs with The Foam Roller. Learn more about the contents of the individual DVDs by reading more above.

Buy all 3 DVDs at 15% off.  Read More



Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout


Do you travel a lot?   Are your days too packed to make it to the gym?  Feeling self conscious about attending a class?  Get expert instructor guidance through our CD and DVDs in your own living room! This CD, designed for Intermediate Level Pilates students, helps you build stamina, increase your core strength, build suppleness in your spine, improve your breathing capacity, gain muscle strength and flexibility, heighten your energy and increase your body awareness. It truly is Your ideal Mat companion ... a Studio workout to go! Read More