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Revitalize Your Life 
A Mind-Body-Spirit Makeover

The energy you resonate determines your life experience.  If you are to feel happy, be healthy and manifest your dreams, your mind, body and spirit must function as one harmonious vibration of high, loving energy.  Learn how to take your energy to the next level and start living the life you want! Read more


Foam Roller Workout & Massage - 2 DVDs
Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced


Spice up your existing mat routines with these challenging and fun foam roller workouts! Strengthen your core, stretch inner and outer muscles alike, masaje tired, sore, injured areas to eliminate "muscle knots". A Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced package for all Foam Roller enthusiasts. Raise your level of fitness, excell at your sport, alleviate DOMS, prevent injuries, with only a mat and a foam roller! The foam roller is an inexpensive training tool and ever ready therapist that helps you achieve: a heavenly free massage for your back, hips and thighs; improved posture; better balance; more muscle strength and flexibility; impressive core strength; improved breathing capacity and renewed energy.


Foam Roller in Mexico


We are pleased to be the first to bring into Mexico the quality polyethylene Foam Roller manufactured in the U.S.A.!

We are seeking wholesale distributors across Mexico as well as buyers such as gyms, sporting goods stores, pilates and yoga studios.

Estamos muy contentos de ser los primeros que llevan a México el Cilindro de Espuma de polietileno expandido fabricado en los EE.UU.!

Por favor nos manda un correo aquí para precios por mayor de 24 cilindros o para preguntas sobre cómo convertirse en un distribuidor en su área. Read More



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Revitalize Your Life - a book on how to get the most out of life, combining science, spirituality & practicality; How to use foam roller & Foam Roller Back Exercise Videos; Foam Roller exercises, stretches and masaje for all levels on DVD; best Beginner Pilates dvds, Better Posture dvd, Morning and Bedtime Stretches dvd; Pilates and Foam Roller Workshops ; our KeepFIT Foam Roller in Mexico; Nutrition for the body and brain ... and more.

Chris & Michaela, co-founders of this site, have condensed their 40+ years of research, knowledge, personal experience and professional expertise in the fields of psychology, psychospirituality, fitness, nutrition, whole foods and more, to bring you the very best available, right here at

Michaela Sirbu


A university educated, certified Pilates and Yoga instructor and teacher trainer, who has helped clients achieve and maintain strong, healthy bodies since 1998. Read More

Dr. Christine Rattenbury


A clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience treating adults for a wide range of concerns across the clinical, health and rehabilitative fields of psychology. Read More



"After we talked at my session, my frame of mind has completely shifted. You have no idea just how gifted you are as a coach & mentor and how truly blessed I feel to know you and to learn from you!"


"I am quite a testimonial of a person who has serious arthritis throughout all my joints and how Pilates has changed my life! I was approved for 2  knee replacements 5 years ago as I had to walk with a cane. I decided then that I was going to take charge of my own life and start excercising  and strengthen my muscles around my joints! I am living a great life and I cannot thank you enough! I am a strong, changed woman of 61 because of the way you instruct Pilates Mat."


"It seems that with most of the moves I did in my regular gym class today, I changed the way I did them (for the better) because of your Pilates teaching. I thought of my ABS and used them constantly, while feeling stronger and more balanced. Even at the end when we raised our arms to stretch, I thought about extending my body, not just reaching with my arms and shoulders."

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